QR Codes … why aren’t there more?

QR Codes ... why aren't there more?

Well, I’ve made mine.
Most people have smart phones, so download a free app. and you can simply point your hand-held at the code and you get a link direct to the relevant website. It puzzles me why these are common, but still not everywhere.
We call carry the world in our hand, pocket or handbag. A device that tells us what we need to know about everything, we can do our shopping, entertain ourselves, keep in touch, find places and keep our social lives updated. Yet, with keypads not designed for the human hands, our ability to type in fiddly web addresses has yet to be mastered.
A QR code leads us to where we need to go (virtually speaking, of course), so I’m advising all my clients to unleash their codes to the world. It appeals to the gadget-loving, human to point their hand-held at a square and read what it’s all about.

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